TB INSIDER Information

  • Can my gift be returned or exchanged?

    Gifts are not redeemable for cash, non-transferrable and will not be accepted for returns or refunds. Please see our Terms and Conditions here.
  • Can someone else be included on my TB INSIDER Membership?

    TB INSIDER accounts can only have one person attached to it. This will ensure everyone can receive TB INSIDER benefits based on their status.
  • Do all my purchases contribute towards upgrading my TB INSIDER status?

    All purchases made from a Tony Bianco Boutique and tonybianco.com contribute toward your TB INSIDER status. Please note, purchases from Stockists are excluded and will not contribute toward your TB INSIDER status.
  • How do I check my TB INSIDER status?

    Simply log into your account online at tonybianco.com or ask our helpful staff at any of our Tony Bianco Boutiques. Don't have an account? Head to your closest store or register for an account online today!
  • How do I create an account?

    Creating a Tony Bianco account allows you to experience a faster checkout process as all of your contact and shipping details will be saved and ready for your next purchase. You will also be able to save your wishlist, view your previous order history and easily submit a return. If you provide yo...
  • How do I join TB INSIDER?

    If you are an existing customers or are subscribed to our emails then there is no need to join – you are already part of the program and will enjoy the benefits of TB INSIDER. Simply visit your nearest Tony Bianco Boutique or sign in to your account to check your TB INSIDER Tier. If you are new t...
  • How do I update my personal details?

    You can update your personal details by logging in to your TB INSIDER account online at tonybianco.com, by visiting your closest Tony Bianco Boutique or alternatively contacting our Customer Service team at enquries@tonybianco.com
  • How often is my spend reviewed?

    Spend is reviewed on a daily basis, looking back at your previous 12 month spend. You can move into a higher Tier at any time, but your spend will only be reviewed once a year to determine whether you maintain your TB INSIDER status or move down a tier.
  • How often will I receive TB INSIDER notifications and offers?

    The frequency and timing of TB INSIDER communications and benefits may vary depending on your tier. However you can expect to receive emails from us on a monthly basis. We try our best to deliver content we think you'll love but if you ever wish to opt out of our communications, it's as easy as a...
  • How will I know if I have moved up into the next TB INSIDER tier?

    Once your spend has reached the next Tier it’s time to celebrate (with a new pair of shoes of course)! You will receive an email notifying you of your new TB INSIDER status and all the benefits that await you. If you're not sure whether you are on our mailing list please contact us on live chat o...
  • How will I know if I’m about to drop out of my TB INSIDER Tier?

    We will send you an email to let you know if you’re at risk of losing your current TB INSIDER Tier. If you're not sure whether you are on our mailing list please contact one of our friendly agents on live chat or email enquiries@tonybianco.com
  • If I shop both online and in-store, do all my purchases go on one account?

    Yes, all purchases made at tonybianco.com and at any Tony Bianco Boutique are linked to the same TB INSIDER account. If you think you have duplicate accounts or would like to merge two accounts, please head into your nearest store or contact one of our friendly staff via live chat or via email en...
  • I'm already subscribed to Tony Bianco emails, do I still need to join TB INSIDER?

    In order to begin receiving the benefits that TB INSIDER offers, you need to have an account with us.  Registering is as simple as filling in a few fields or heading into your nearest Tony Bianco boutique. To register for an account click here. If you'd like to find out more information about TB ...
  • I shop at MYER and stockists, do those purchases go towards my account?

    No purchases made at MYER or stockists will contribute to your TB INSIDER status or add to your purchase history. Sign up at your nearest Tony Bianco Boutique or register for an account online today to access the TB INSIDER benefits. 
  • Is there a TB INSIDER Membership card?

    TB INSIDER is card-less, you’re on a first name basis! Simply log into your account online or in store at any of our Tony Bianco Boutiques to discover all your account details. No card needed.
  • What are the Birthday gifts and when will I receive it?

    Birthday gifts and rewards will be issued in the month of your birthday and will be available from the 1st of your birthday month. For our Tier 2 members your Birthday surprise will be delivered by email, this will be an offer that you will be able to redeem in our Tony Bianco Boutiques or online...
  • What are the different tiers and what rewards will I receive?

    TB INSIDER offers four tiers. Each and every purchase made at participating Tony Bianco stores or online at tonybianco.com helps to grow your loyalty status. Tier 2 As a Tier 2 member you will receive a bonus rewar when the tier is attained, a birthday and anniversary reward each year. The minimu...
  • What happens if I return an item purchased with an offer?

    If you return a purchase or cancel an order, the relevant purchase amount will be deducted from your Program spend. You will remain at your reached tier as this is locked for 12 months.   If you return a purchase that was paid for with a monetary offer, the value of the offer is forfeited unless ...
  • What happens if I’ve forgotten my password?

    If you have forgotten your password to your account go to the “Sign In” page of your account and click on the Forgot your password? link. This can be found by heading to the page at the following link here. Simply enter your email address and if there is a matching account to that address, an em...
  • What is TB INSIDER?

    What is TB INSIDER? TB INSIDER isn’t your ordinary loyalty program, it is all about personalization and experience-based rewards. TB INSIDER aims to surprise and delight our most loyal customers and lovers of our brand. To begin your journey simply register for an account online here or head to y...
  • Why am I not receiving any TB INSIDER emails or mail?

    Your email or postal address may have been recorded incorrectly in our system. You can check all your details are correct when you sign into your account online at tonybianco.com, in-store or can contact our out Customer Service team on Live Chat or enquries@tonybianco.com