Style Passport Information

  • Do all my purchases contribute towards upgrading my Style Passport status?

    All purchases made from a Tony Bianco Boutique and contribute toward your Style Passport status. Please note, purchases from MYER Concessions are Stockists are excluded and will not contribute toward your Style Passport status.
  • How do I check my Style Passport status?

    Checking your Style Passport status is easy! Simply log into your account online at or ask our helpful staff at any of our Tony Bianco Boutiques. Don't have an account? Head to your closest store or register for an account online today!
  • How do I join Style Passport?

    To join the Style Passport and go on this journey you will need your passport! If you are an existing customers or are subscribed to our emails then there is no need to join – you are already entitled to enjoy all the perks of the Style Passport. Simply visit your nearest Tony Bianco Boutique or ...
  • How often is my spend reviewed?

    Spend is reviewed on a daily basis, looking back at your previous 12 month spend. You can move into a higher Class at any time, but your spend will only be reviewed once a year to determine whether you maintain your Style Passport Status or move down a tier.
  • How will I know if I have moved up into the next Style Passport Class?

    Once your spend has reached the next Class it’s time to celebrate (with a new pair of shoes of course)! You will receive an email notifying you of your new Style Passport status and all the perks and benefits that await you. If you're not sure whether you are on our mailing list please call us on...
  • How will I know if I’m about to drop out of my Style Passport Class?

    We will send you an email to let you know if you’re at risk of losing your current Style Passport Class. If you're not sure whether you are on our mailing list please call us on +61 3 9069 5308, speak to one of our friendly agents on live chat or email Once you have acces...
  • What happens if I return an item purchased with an offer?

    If you return a purchase or cancel an order, the relevant purchase amount will be deducted from your Program spend. You will remain at your reached tier as this is locked for 12 months.   If you return a purchase that was paid for with a monetary offer, the value of the offer is forfeited unless ...
  • What is Style Passport?

    What is Style Passport? Style Passport isn’t your ordinary loyalty program, it’s your one-way ticket to shoe heaven! Our loyalty program is designed to take you on a journey, where every destination (AKA Tier) is more fabulous than the previous one. Style Passport, is all about personalization, a...