International Customs & Duty Fees

Customs policies vary widely from country to country.  For information about customs policies that apply in your country please contact your local customs office.  Any additional charges for customs clearance, import duties or local taxes are to be borne by the customer. 

We do not take any responsibility for these charges and have no control over what they may be.  Please note we are unable to reimburse any costs incurred in relation to those matters and do not accept any responsibility for delays as a result, regardless of the circumstances.  

If you order goes above your regions shipping threshold then our Shipping Provider DHL will send you an email notifying you to make payment to clear the goods through customs.

We have listed the phone numbers below for some of the customs departments in the following regions.

  • USA  - 1-877-227-5511
  • Canada - 1-800-461-9999
  • Italy – 840000160
  • France  - 0969 391 391
  • United Kingdom – contact to be made via Royal mail or Parcel force 0344 800 4466
  • New Zealand - 0800 428 786 


Mar 31, 2021

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