Redeeming Rewards and Gifts

All Style Passport gifts and benefits when available will appear under the 'Your Benefits' section via your 'Shopping Bag'.

All gifts and benefits can be redeemed from the 'Shopping Bag' page by clicking 'Select'.


Once you click 'Proceed To Checkout' you will be taken to your 'Shopping Bag'. Here you will see the item you wish to purchase directly above the 'Your Benefits' section with your available gifts and benefits:


Click on 'Select' to choose your preferred gift and it will appear in your Shopping Bag, example below:


If you have the option to choose your gift, two gifts will appear as an option in Your Benefits. If you change your mind, you can Select the other option and it will add to your shopping bag.


When checking out using a mobile device, 'Your Benefits' will sit directly below your 'Shopping Bag'. You will need to scroll down to view your available gifts and benefits, see below:



Once you have scrolled down, you will see your gift options listed - please click 'Select' next to your desired gift and it will automatically appear in your 'Shopping Bag'.



Your gift will add to your Shopping Bag, as below:



You are now ready to checkout!

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