How do I use a HER Fashion Card?

We're happy to hear that you are the lucky recipient of a Her Fashion Card. This card can be used across multiple retailers and at Tony Bianco either in-store and online.

To use your voucher in-store

Locate your desired shoes and then when you're ready to pay provide your Her Fashion Card to one of our friendly staff members at the time of payment. 

To use your voucher online

Simply swap your gift card for a e-voucher. Input your details at this link and allow up to 24 business hours for your e-voucher to arrive. You will then be able to use the e-voucher in the discount code field of the website.

Please note that a HER Fashion Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer online.

If you have any problems locating the discount code field, please see the following helpful article. Please check your card balance and validity first before swapping your gift card. If your balance is not sufficient to cover the e-voucher, the transaction will fail.

If you're still having any issues we recommend to contact TCN directly using this link. Otherwise please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at, live chat or phone +61 3 9069 5308.


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