Leather Glossary

Our shoes and accessories are made from a varied range of quality leather types. Please find the below listing to help differentiate the differences between each leather used.

Leather Glossary

  • Kid Suede: Kid suede is a goat leather which goes through a special tanning process to give the leather a fine napped finish.
  • Phoenix: Phoenix is a cow leather which has been buffed to give a slight nap of short fibres producing a fine napped finish.
  • Berlin: Berlin is the same type of leather as phoenix, but has been embossed with lizard print.
  • Como: Como is a cow leather which has a fine grain that is polished to give it a dressier look.
  • Luxe: Luxe is a cow leather which has been tumbled in a large drum to give the pebbled texture and softness.
  • Monaco: Monaco is a cow leather which has a fine grain and is burnished on a buffing wheel to give it a more casual look.
  • Albany: Albany is a cow leather which is burnished on a buffing wheel. This leather is softer and dressier than Monaco.
  • Diesel: Diesel is a cow leather that has a waxy feel. Oil and wax are added to the leather during the tanning process giving the leather a distressed look.
  • Capretto: Capretto is a cow leather that has been sanded until no grain is visible. The final product is a smooth shiny finish.
  • Patent: Patent is a cow leather, during the final stages of the production process the leather is coated with lacquer which gives it its shiny reflective surface.
  • Sheep Nappa: Sheep nappa is a leather made from the hide of a sheep. It has a beautiful soft hand feel and is a very delicate leather.
  • Pony Hair: Pony hair (such as our Tan Leopard and Black Pony) is a cow leather made from the hair side of the hide. The hair is shaved shorter to simulate the look of horse hair.
  • Printed Reptile Skin: Printed reptile skin (such as our SnakeCroc and Alligator prints) is a cow leather which is embossed and painted to the desired colour and reptile effect.

Please contact us at enquiries-usa@tonybianco.com or on Live Chat should you have any questions regarding any of our leather types.

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