How do I return an order paid with LayBuy?

LayBuy is available both in-store and online for Tony Bianco. We also accept returns of online purchases in our Boutiques, which includes transactions paid for using LayBuy.
For online returns - the refund will be triggered through LayBuy and you will receive a notification that the order has been refunded. All communications will come from LayBuy
For in-store returns - the store team will provide the refund onto your card, however the LayBuy payments will continue to be taken out. You won't be out of pocket but please be aware that there is a slight difference to the way the online refunds work. 

If you'd like to return your purchase for any reason this can be done by following our returns instructions.
Orders paid for with LayBuy are subject to our returns policy.
If you need any assistance, please email, use Live Chat to discuss with our friendly Customer Service team or alternatively call us on +61 3 9069 5308.

Jun 25, 2021

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